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Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
completed their operation to free hostages. which include americans. governments around the world are expressing concern about how the operation was carried out. kron 4's grant lodes is here to explain why u-s officials are not too happy. grant? >> american leaders are not happy because the only involvement the u-s had here was to send an u-manned drone to eastern algeria to watch what was unfolding. algeria's army says it had no choice but to send in its special forces for a rescue. a very bloody fight apparently ensued. it appears several - at least six hostages have been killed in the process. dozens more are unaccounted for. it's still unclear how many americans are involved. cnn has confirmed that among those still being held -- a man from texas. islamist militants are clainimg responsibility for the ambush, which happened yesterday at a b-p gas plant. that group says at least 35 hostages died - but officcials are highly skeptical of that. they are preparing for a very bad situation. >> pam: a search for an attempted kidnapper in san jose is called off. after the mother admits sh
Jan 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
bills. he says the mere threat of defaulting on government obligations is hurting the economy. the government has hit its borrowing limit and is expected to run out of ways to pay bills by early march. most people have never heard launchers and other weapons. former president bush is finally released from a hospital. right now, 40's through daly city. as for the current temperatures? quickly dropping into the 40's. 44 in daly city. a 49 in fremont. but we are in for a nother round of the 30's and '40's again tonight. from the san mateo bridge we are seeing clear skies. the cold air mass with the combination of these things and a light went with cold temperatures and yet again the. taking a look at futurecast. widespread 30's. take a look a your screen. already 20's and 30's for the north bay. temperatures will start to warm up of but very slowly. still dealing with a 30 degree readings. temperatures in your neighborhood, coming up. >> most people have never heard of that. next at 5. more tonight at 5-30. >> most people have never heard of it. but in the past few days, the african n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2